Spotify launches 18 new curated playlists to help you find your next favourite podcast

Today Spotify is the most popular global audio streaming application having 271 million users, including 124millions subscribers worldwide. Spotify,a digital service through which a user can access songs, podcasts, videos to watch or listen from all over the world. On, Tuesday again Spotify launches 18 new curated playlists having endless list of music tracks. These playlists are for podcasts only. The podcasts are divided into two categories. Each will be handled by the Spotify team and updated regularly.
Before this, Spotify launches a new playlist tool, especially for your pet. For the listeners, Spotify always curated new themes and playlists with the specially selected content. If you remember in November Spotify launched “soundtrack your ride” a tool that was designed playlists for user road trips. That was based on the answers of questions which are asked by the users regarding tours. And now the company is relaunching 18 new curated playlists. Spotify always tries to surprise its users differently. It is popular in few times among the users because you can access its content is free. What you have to do is only sign up the application by providing the mail address, or you can connect it via Facebook.

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