Just about all ThinkPads have faulty USB-C ports: What to do now

Lenovo’s ThinkPads frequently rank on the best of our easiest industry laptops record, however a significant factor with more moderen fashions threatens to wreck their sturdy popularity. 

ThinkPad laptops from 2017 to 2019 reportedly include faulty USB-C ports. First reported by way of Notebookcheck, the issues are in style sufficient for Lenovo to put up a toughen web page titled “Vital Intel Thunderbolt Instrument and Firmware Updates.”

According to that report, the USB-C ports in additional than a dozen ThinkPad laptops are experiencing critical problems. Lenovo posted an inventory of signs consumers may stumble upon in the event that they personal a faulty tool: 

Lenovo ThinkPad USB-C issues

USB-C port now not workingIntel Thunderbolt controller now not visual within the OS/Software ManagerUSB-C or Thunderbolt docking stations now not visual or having connectivity problemsHDMI output now not availableSystem battery now not charging with a USB-C energy adapter attached to the USB-C portIntel Thunderbolt pop-up error messageIntel Thunderbolt protected mode error messageBIOS Thunderbolt communique error or cling right through POST

Which ThinkPad fashions are affected? 

Dozens of ThinkPad fashions are suffering from USB-C screw ups, together with a few of our favourite gadgets. Amongst the ones are the ThinkPad X1 Carbon (fifth Gen to seventh Gen), X1 Yoga (second Gen to 4th Gen), and P-series ThinkPads. 

Lenovo posted a complete record of affected laptops, and it is not lovely: 

P43s (Kind 20RH, 20RJ)P52 (Kind 20M9, 20MA)P52s (Kind 20LB, 20LC)P53s (Kind 20N6, 20N7)P71 (sort 20HK, 20HL)T470 (Kind 20HD, 20HE)T470 (Kind 20JM, 20JN)T470s (sort 20HF, 20HG)T470s (sort 20JS, 20JT)T480 (Kind 20L5, 20L6)T480s (sort 20L7, 20L8)T490 (Kind 20N2, 20N3)T490 (Kind 20RY, 20RX)T490 (Kind 20Q9, 20QH)T490s (Kind 20NX, 20NY)T570 (Kind 20H9,20HA)T570 (Kind 20JW, 20JX)T580 (Kind 20L9, 20LA)T590 (Kind 20N4, 20N5)X1 Carbon fifth Gen – (Kind 20HR, 20HQ)X1 Carbon sixth Gen – (Kind 20KH, 20KG)X1 Carbon seventh Gen – (Kind 20QD, 20QE)X1 Carbon seventh Gen – (Kind 20R1, 20R2)X1 Yoga second Gen (Kind 20JD, 20JE, 20JF, 20JG)X1 Yoga third Gen (Kind 20LD, 20LE, 20LF, 20LG)X1 Yoga 4th Gen (Kind 20QF, 20QG)X1 Yoga 4th Gen (Kind 20SA, 20SB)X1 Pill third Gen (Kind 20KJ, 20KK)X280 (Kind 20KF, 20KE)Yoga 370 (Kind 20JJ, 20JH)X380 Yoga (Kind 20NN, 20QN)X390 (Kind 20Q0, 20Q1)X390 Yoga (Kind 20LH, 20LJ)P51 (Kind 20MM, 20MN)P51 (Kind 20HH, 20HJ)P51s (Kind 20HB, 20HC)P51s (Kind 20JY, 20K0)P72 (Kind 20MB, 20MC)

What to do should you personal a ThinkPad 

In the event you personal a ThinkPad pc, move to Lenovo’s toughen web page, scroll to the ground and obtain the right drivers. 

Those motive force and firmware applications are designed to mend any USB-C issues. If they do not, Lenovo urges you to succeed in out to Lenovo Technical Toughen. Lenovo is including extra drivers for extra laptops, if yours is not recently indexed. 

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